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The search for unique images in the natural world is the overriding intent of my photography. I conduct this search in both my back yard and also many miles from home. Occasionally, preparation and luck lead me to the happy intersection of sublime subject and ready shutter finger. After that, I work very hard to produce the highest quality prints I can of those images.

My photographs represent the culmination of years of fascination with and patient observation of the natural world. I grew up studying the sciences at an early age. I read science-related materials extensively, and by the age of ten I had chemistry sets and a microscope and several warnings from my parents to take that "stinky stuff" outside. When I was fifteen I worked in a biomedical engineering lab at the Johns Hopkins medical complex, where I did everything from writing computer programs to assisting in animal surgery. I fell in love with the great outdoors when I was thirteen. That summer the eight weeks I spent in the Adirondack wilderness forever opened my eyes and heart to the immense beauty of the wilderness.

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