Intensive Art & Spirit Workshop with Coeleen Kiebert


Intensive Art & Spirit Workshop with Coeleen Kiebert


Intensive Art & Spirit Workshop with Coeleen Kiebert

3 and a 1/2 day Intensive Workshop: June 3,4,5,6 

Tu, W, Th 10am - 3pm (bring a lunch) & Fr 10am - noon

$475 includes clay and free parking

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The "art" part is about opening up your creative energy and the "spirit" part is making it your own.  ART AND SPIRIT is a workshop
taught by artist/educator Coeleen Kiebert, M.S., that has succeeded for decades to enrich the creative process for hundreds who are just beginning, re-engaging or looking for a boost over a bump in the road of their creative process. Beginning with collage, we explore our own personal imagery...what is it we have to say...why are we doing this?
Pursuing our personal mark through drawing and doodles, we recognize our own personal style, as every great artist has always done, and take that very seriously. All of this manefests into clay sculpture, a piece about you.

A weekend workshop will get you going; the 3 1/2 day intensive
following is even better for searing what you will tap into.

The first day of the workshop will take place at TAC EBC Arts Center, 40 W. Chesapeake Ave. Towson, MD  21204.
The rest of the workshop takes place at the Baltimore Clayworks, 5707 Smith Ave., Baltimore, MD  21209