The Art of Belly Dance Class


The Art of Belly Dance Class


Wednesdays, September 10-October 8, 6pm-7pm

The Art of Belly Dance

Nina Amaya is now offering a weekly class in Middle Eastern and American belly dance technique!
Learn the posture, authentic movements, and cultural background for belly dance. Whether you want to move in joyful communion, express yourself through movement, learn to perform this dance, or add grace to and strengthen your body, you are welcome!
You will learn specific isolations and steps, combinations of moves, and a choreography. Props may be required for some dances.
Bring a yoga mat for stretches, and comfortable clothing that shows the line of your body, such as yoga pants and a tank top. There will be opportunities to perform what you learn!
All genders, shapes, and sizes; all ages 13 and above.
For more registration info contact:
410-832-ARTA (2782)

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