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Water Lilies, Lotuses and Koi with Steve Hargrove

Water Lilies, Lotuses & Koi with Steve Hargrove
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Water Lilies, Lotuses & Koi with Steve Hargrove

Photographers and Painters

A two-part workshop focused on the flora & fauna of Lilypons Water Gardens ( Begun in 1917, Lilypons is a 250-acre paradise devoted to water gardening. It featured several small formal water gardens, a koi pond & over a dozen large ponds scattered over its acreage. Free to the public, photographers are free to roam the extensive grounds & see a great variety of water lilies, lotuses and koi.

Part one of the workshop will focus on photographing or painting the gardens. It will begin at 11 am and run until 3 pm, although you are free to leave before or stay after that time. Part two of the workshop will have the participants reconvene the following day for a review & critique of the shoot. Bring 2-3 of your favorite shots to share (they don't have to be finished pieces) on a thumb drive. Included in the cost of the workshop are two high-quality prints (one small, one large) for each participant.


Length: 2 days, Sat. & Sun., July 12-13. Day 1, 11am-3pm at Lilypons Water Gardens. Day 2, 2pm-4pm at TAC Cost: $50 (both days) for TAC members, $60 non-members. Registration required. Ages teen-adult.


Length: One Day- Saturday July 12th from 11am-3pm  Cost: $8 for TAC members, $10 non-members. If you would like 2 prints of your work, there will be an additional charge of $20. Registration required. Ages teen-adult.

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