Our Mission

The mission of the Towson ARTS Collective is to provide a venue for artists while being an art education center. We seek to promote the growth of greater Towson's art community by combining the knowledge and energy of its residents and students with working professionals.

About the Ellene "Brit" Christiansen Arts Center

Both the Towson Arts Collective and the Ellene "Brit" Christiansen Memorial Fund are nonprofit organizations that share a common mission: To introduce emerging talents, encourage and support educational development and provide a venue for artists to share their works with the community.


The Ellene “Brit” Christiansen Arts Center will provide opportunities for all artists with disabilities to create, show and sell their work right alongside other professional artists. Our community will benefit from the natural integration of people with and without disabilities by re-creating our community together.

Ellene "Brit" Christiansen was passionate about improving the quality of life and quality in life for people with disabilities. As a professional artist, advocate and person with a disability she never let her challenges shadow her optimism for life. This Brit quote is testimony to that: “…And we who are born of the spirit, like the wind we are free…” Brit

Ellene loved children and art. She was passionate about bringing the two together as a way to express themselves and grow as individuals. This is the motivation behind our efforts as we work to afford children and young adults the ability to create their own art and become inspired to think creatively. Brit simply wanted these young souls to recognize their abilities--not their limitations.