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In-Kind Donations

Please email us if you would like to donate any of the items below: 

  • refrigerator
  • small lounge table & chairs
  • paper goods (paper towels, toilet paper, kitchen towels, hand sanitizer, cups, plates, plastic ware)
  • bottled water, water dispenser
  • display cases
  • office supplies
  • vacuum cleaner, broom
  • clocks
  • cleaning supplies (Windex, dishwashing liquid etc. etc.)
  • artists easels, tables and equipment that works well with wheelchair users
  • 6 sturdy display panels for hanging artwork & providing some privacy (preferably on wheels)
  • large monitor to show video segments ie. slides, art instruction videos, etc.
  • projector and screen
  • computer printer & ink cartridges
  • 20 ft. tall ladder
  • fluorescent bulbs & lighting fixtures