Graphic Novel Creativity Workshop
with Phil Yeh

What is Covered


Learn about the creative process in making a great graphic novel.


  1. Introduction to many world famous graphic novel creators and their creation process
  2. At a group level, learn how to create your own unique characters
  3. Hands on experience in drawing a funny comic strip
  4. Demonstration on the process of actually writing a comic strip

The workshop is to give participants some real hands on information about what real creators have done to make some of the most successful cartoon characters in history. While there is no promise that everyone who creates a cartoon character will become rich or famous from that character - there are indeed certain characteristics that 99% of all creators have in common.

The Graphic Novel workshop is fun and informative and it can be attended by ALL AGES from 5 years old to 80 years old. Participants from all over the world have attended this workshop and get inspired and motivated, no matter what cultural background or economic status they come from.

Participants will also learn how to self publish their graphic novel using technology.